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Customer Profile+-

Acıbadem Healthcare Group

Established in Turkey in 1991, Acıbadem Healthcare Group (www. acibademinternational.com) is a leader in private healthcare services, with patients from around the world. The group provides health services based on the most advanced technology and with an expert team meeting international quality standards. In 2012, Acıbadem partnered with IHH Healthcare Berhad and became the world’s second-largest healthcare chain, with 17 hospitals, 13 medical centers, and 15,000 staff.

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The Challenge+-

Constantly improve service quality
Acıbadem is dedicated to highquality services. Its portfolio spans all medical disciplines, including cancer and heart therapies, in vitro fertilization, organ transplantation, FIFA-accredited sports medicine, and the latest know-how in nuclear medicine and robotic surgery. To serve patients quickly, Acıbadem optimized all necessary processes for fast response. Acıbadem develops its own hospital information system “Cerebral Plus” and created the smart medication and supply management system “AStore” which enables patient safety and operational efficiency.

The IT team manages about 5,000 client devices and caters to Acıbadem’s subsidiaries, such as the Acıbadem University. “There is a constant process of buying, deploying, and relocating systems within our facilities,” says Kemal Kaplan, IT director at Acıbadem Healthcare. “Thus, we can balance service-level needs and equipment as appropriate.”

Alp Çakar, IT vice director at Acıbadem Healthcare, is the team leader for all security, network, server, and storage systems, and he established the current infrastructure. “With our IT strategy of revolving renewal, we gain, for example, a 20% performance advantage for our 400 servers. And we apply it also to our NetApp systems,” says Çakar.

Acıbadem had turned to NetApp in 2005 when enterprise resource planning-related changes in the storage infrastructure became necessary. NetApp systems and software such as replication, NetApp Snapshot® backup, and cloning for database development quickly proved their value and helped to accelerate and improve many processes. The NetApp footprint had grown over time —with some of the first systems still up and running flawlessly. “Longevity is a great quality of the NetApp systems and a very good reason to rely on them,” says Çakar. However, ch

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The Solution+-

NetApp All Flash FAS systems
Acıbadem is committed to keeping its IT services up to date by leveraging the latest technology such as flash storage with solid-state drive media. For this step, Çakar and his team evaluated several vendors; however, in the end, they again selected NetApp solutions.

“It’s quite simple. We have had a good experience with the NetApp technology and with the service of our partner Tara Sistem,” says Çakar. “Whether it’s quick help with spare parts, deep technical know-how, or fast and effective support, we can always count on them.” Acıbadem and Tara Sistem have partnered for more than a decade, and they both benefit from a trusted relationship.

Jointly, they implemented NetApp AFF2552HA systems with double storage controllers for high availability. System capacities vary from 2TB for the hospitals to as much as 30TB for the Acıbadem headquarters. With this move, Acıbadem relies on NetApp systems across all of its hospitals. The hospitals in Istanbul run All Flash FAS systems, and older systems were migrated to locations that don’t require as much performance.

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Business Benefits+-

Delivering on high service quality
standards for patients and staff NetApp systems serve a range of applications, including Cerebral, Acıbadem’s in-house-developed hospital operating software. Cerebral covers health- and hospitalityrelated tasks such as electronic patient records, admissions, and appointment organization. Also, database applications, including the hospital and laboratory information systems, rely on NetApp storage. And all of these applications tie into Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning and Oracle Business Intelligence tools for workflow, resource planning, invoicing, and more.

“Cerebral gives us a competitive advantage over other hospitals and helps us to start up new facilities or projects faster,” says Buğra Ünal, database manager at Acıbadem Healthcare. “Also, it’s a client-related application. The high performance of the NetApp all-flash systems contributes directly to our service quality and patient experience.”

Thanks to the high uptime of its storage, Acıbadem can easily deliver on its strategy of mostly paperless hospital operations and mobile applications. Going mobile is becoming more important and will soon go beyond today’s tracking of reports and medications.

Constantly decreasing costs
Thanks to the longevity and performance of the NetApp products, the operational costs decrease year by year. “We are the largest medical organization in Turkey. However, our IT budget does not reflect the size of the company, and costs are high in the service sector,” says Çakar. “Thus, decreasing costs is an important point. I am sure that we will benefit for a long time from our latest investment in NetApp systems due to reliability and flash performance.”

Sustaining efficiency from A to Z
Acıbadem is very satisfied with the efficiency that NetApp is providing in many ways. Because the NetApp FAS systems running the NetApp Data ONTAP® operating system basically all work the same way, Acıbadem’s IT staff can keep administration time low and can build on existing know-how.

Deploying a new system and applying proven routines to it is easy. Backup, often a massive pain in database environments, is smooth, efficient, and reliable. Instead of a couple of hours, it’s a matter of seconds to make a Snapshot copy of a database—in full production and with consistent data. Thus, the whole backup process was cut from three hours to one hour. The use of NetApp FlexClone® technology for reporting systems saves both time and storage resources and helps to gain information insight quickly.

To simplify change management, Acıbadem dedicates storage systems to specific applications such as e-mail, production and test databases, radiology and laboratory systems, or the web infrastructure. With NetApp, the team can easily turn any system from NAS to SAN operations, or vice versa, and apply protocols as needed. And the convenient scalability of the NetApp storage will become more important in the future. Over time, the data in the Cerebral system has grown to big data, and the electronic patient record data is exploding, with a growth rate of half a terabyte per month.

“I think we are very well equipped for the future. NetApp is one of the rare companies that I have worked with for a long time and that has never disappointed me,” says Çakar. “It is a global company, but definitely understands the Turkish market.”

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The Challenge
Constantly improve the service quality across 17 hospitals throughout Turkey.

The Solution
Implement the latest NetApp® All Flash FAS technology to support high-quality services.


  • Standardized on NetApp systems in all hospitals
  • Accelerated and improved database development
  • Lowered costs by decreasing TCO
  • Achieved long-term usage of storage systems
  • Gained stable and fast data access
  • Improved patient service
  • Reduced backup times from three hours to one hour, including database backup readiness within seconds

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