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AERO Vodochody

World’s Largest Producer of Military Jet Trainers Can Fly High with NetApp Solutions

Designing and manufacturing military and civil aircrafts for any climate are the core business of AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s., one of the oldest aviation companies across the globe. A total production of more than 11,000 aircrafts, 6,700 jet trainers, and a total fleet log of over 13 million flight hours speak for themselves. When it comes to Aero’s IT base, NetApp® solutions are in charge of the ground control.

Aero’s premises near Prague, Czech Republic, are a busy place. Aviation teams such as the Breitling crew are on site for aircraft inspection. Air force delegations from all over the world evaluate flight simulators and jet trainers. Design teams run rapid prototyping. And Aero’s management needs the latest business reports.

Hundreds of systems, applications, and industrial devices keep Aero’s 100% digital value chain going. Security is key due to military aspects of the production, which depends on complex electronic documentation and advanced management and planning workflows. The IT team is providing cutting-edge services for 2,000 employees. And this is where NetApp comes into play.

“NetApp solutions are at the heart of Aero and power our production and business processes. They are perfect for our dynamic environment with rapidly growing file data and virtual servers,” says Pavel Pekárek, operating systems administration manager at Aero. “The solutions simply work, adapt to change easily, and have a very good price-performance ratio. Today we operate the third NetApp generation, and our users enjoy allflash performance and data availability at its best.”

The recently deployed NetApp All Flash FAS system raised the performance by a factor of 6. Due to the high density of SSDs as well as ongoing data deduplication and compression, Aero needs 50% less storage capacity and can prolong further capacity investments.

Aero runs two independent data centers in high-availability mode. They build the foundation for disaster recovery maneuvers and data protection for over 100 virtual and a few physical servers, file shares, and applications. Data is constantly replicated to a second NetApp FAS system to minimize operational risks in case a disaster strikes. The first level of data protection is NetApp Snapshot™ technology, including do-it-yourself restores. Users just have to pick the needed file copy from a list of previous versions presented in their applications. To protect and secure data for a long term, Aero combines NetApp Snapshot technology and Veeam software with disk and tape media. Having more disk storage in place today improved the backup flexibility and performance and reduced tape usage to mostly archiving.

“Aero relies on data for every single task. This makes our NetApp data infrastructure so valuable. We can ensure daily IT operations easily, fulfill strategic demands, and have the time to look into other important topics such as security,” summarizes Pekárek.

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