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With business headquarters in Luxembourg, engineering roots in Bulgaria, and three data center sites across Europe, Aossia is a rapidly growing ICT integrator with a big stake in e-health. More than 3,500 users rely on its managed cloud services, which comprise video collaboration, voice over IP, IT management and consultancy, application development, and print, scan, and security services. By teaming with NetApp, Aossia can easily scale and adapt its cloud services, while keeping costs low and meeting ever growing customer demand.

Aossia is known for innovative virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI). Its core solution, Extreme Mobility, makes data and voice follow the user anywhere. Aossia has tailored it for healthcare as a managed cloud service and added videoconferencing, electronic medical records, and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).

“We want to be a one-stop shop for our customers and avoid any vendor lock-in. Aossia e-health delivers on this philosophy with 100% dedication to flexibility and openness,” explains Ivaylo Petrov, CEO of Aossia S.A. “Customers are free to use their preferred image viewers and devices and can integrate any ERP and hospital information systems.”

To use Aossia e-health, customers only need a stable internet connection. But this requires a fast and reliable cloud infrastructure that adapts to change dynamically and nondisruptively. “We believe in simplicity, and this is why a FlexPod® solution is at the heart of our infrastructure. It offers flexibility and density by design and all the benefits of a NetApp shared storage infrastructure,” says Petrov. “Our customers can view images archived in the Aossia cloud in less than five seconds.”

Aossia is very satisfied with the infrastructure’s reliability and the NetApp support and logistics. Instead of constantly keeping an eye on the storage as the most important cloud component, the team can concentrate on new services and optimizations. One of them is deploying NetApp® Snapshot™ technology to level up data protection.

“Customers want to access their data 24/7 and don’t accept backups slowing down the service. With NetApp technology, we can get rid of backup windows and keep customers happy,” says Petrov. “Extending our services with encrypted backup and archiving in a hybrid cloud is another very simple option.”

Data is growing rapidly. Aossia expects the storage capacity to double within 18 months. Though hybrid storage helps balance costs and performance, Aossia will soon bring in NetApp All Flash FAS series systems. New levels of automation, economics, and speed will make it easier than ever to meet performance peaks or set up new servers regardless of their requirements.

“We can do a lot with NetApp solutions, and we love the team’s commitment,” says Petrov. “Thanks to NetApp storage efficiency we can stay competitive and offer more services, while keeping subscription prices flat. NetApp definitely offers a great price performance ratio.”

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