NetApp products
3 NetApp FAS2200 series systems (production and backup storage)
Data ONTAP 8.1.2
FlexClone® volumes
OnCommand software
SnapManager® for Virtual Infrastructure
SnapMirror® software
SnapRestore® software
SnapVault® software
Virtual Storage Console


Third-Party Products
Centos Linux®
Microsoft SQL Server® 2008
Microsoft Windows Server® 2003, 2008
Progress OpenEdge
VMware vSphere®

Matris Bilişim Teknolojileri

Customer Profile+-


Atasay Jewelry (www.atasay.com) has been a premier member of the Turkish jewelry sector for three generations. Since its foundation and through successful production and exporting, Atasay has delighted more than 110 million women from around the world with its jewelry. Atasay is the leading brand in the Turkish jewelry sector. It serves customers in 131 brick-and mortar stores throughout the world and through an online store. For 75 years the company has worked to the best of its abilities to enrich celebrations and bring happiness to its customers with designs made with love.

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The Challenge+-

Bring Atasay’s IT services to the next level
Simple tasks such as replacing an IT system often kick-start data center transformation. When Atasay had to renew its storage system, the IT team seized the opportunity to bring Atasay’s IT services to the next level.

Thirteen team members operate and maintain the infrastructure; develop the ERP system; provide design, web, and business applications; and run help desk services for users. International and domestic Web and brick-and-mortar shops as well as the company’s headquarter are connected to the central IT services. About 350 users at Atasay and its franchise partners rely on those services.

One challenge the IT team had to solve was data storage issues around manageability, performance, and data protection. They were also eager to move forward with consolidating data and virtualizing servers to build a private cloud. “We knew that the storage would make the difference. It will be at the heart of our private cloud and we wanted to select the best solution,” says Gül Zor, IT manager at Atasay.

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The Solution+-

A private cloud using NetApp and VMware products
Atasay tested NetApp solutions and found them a perfect fit. Because of the NetApp unified architecture, Atasay can consolidate any kind of data on it. With the NetApp Data ONTAP® storage operating system the company gets a rich feature set ranging from storage efficiency to data protection and disaster recovery. Leading hypervisor technologies, including Atasay’s choice, VMware, are integrated seamlessly to simplify and automate management tasks and ease migrations from physical servers.

Atasay teamed with Matris Bilişim to work on implementing the solution and tailor backup and replication to its business needs. This NetApp partner addresses and solves technical challenges for its customers and delivers on-site implementation support and services. “It is a pleasure to work with Matris Bilişim. They have highly talented and experienced people and a very cooperative working style. We benefited a lot from their know-how and can always count on them,” says Murat Özpak, assistant IT manager at Atasay.

The teams implemented NetApp FAS2200 series systems. Two systems consolidate data and virtual machines using NFS to connect with the VMware infrastructure, CIFS to access Microsoft® Windows® file shares over the network, and iSCSI to connect with a physical server. A third system serving data backup can be turned into production easily if a disaster occurs. “Virtually any challenge is addressable with NetApp solutions. They just fit in every environment and build the foundation for a future-proof data center,” says Sıla Atılgan, enterprise account manager at Matris Bilişim.

Atasay quickly solved its backup issues: It combined NetApp Snapshot® backups of files and databases with managed Snapshot replication to the backup storage. Working with NetApp Virtual Storage Console to protect the virtual machines was easy. NetApp OnCommand® software helps with scheduling and overall management of systems, backup, and replication. Atasay’s regulatory data is now also on the NetApp systems. The reason is simple: It is both secure and easily accessed.

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Business Benefits+-

Operate IT efficiently and save time and money
“Once configured and deployed, the storage just runs. Since we rely on NetApp solutions there is not much to do—beside reading system event e-mails,” says Gül Zor. She adds, “We have definitely increased the effectiveness and efficiency of Atasay’s global IT services.”

Results are impressive: Consolidation on NetApp storage eliminated three file servers. Atasay was able to lower administration efforts by 40%. A task such as assigning storage resources to users is performed with a few mouse clicks. Deduplication of users’ files reduced capacity needs by 20%. All together, Atasay saved 45% of the costs related to storage operations. It can expand capacity on the fly and thus address 30% data growth per year easily.

Moving from local disks and tape backup to centralized and automated Snapshot backup paid off quickly. “Data protection has changed fundamentally. The speed is incredible. Instead of 1.5 hours, it now takes just 2 minutes to back up a 380GB database. It is so easy and fast to find the right data for restore. Our users are delighted when we bring a deleted file back to life in a minute,” says Murat Özpak. Users feel safe because they know that accidentally deleted data can be restored easily—a fact that greatly helps to keep up productivity levels. Overall, the backup procedures accelerated by 85%.

NetApp Snapshot technology goes beyond backup: Any Snapshot copy can be cloned as needed. With the right data at their fingertips team members can now run application tests faster, better, and simpler—and raise the quality of core systems such as ERP.

Gain greater agility for a growing company
Production and marketing are at the core of Atasay’s business. Today, the private cloud delivers fast and reliably all communication and every digital activity, from ordering raw material for jewelry and gold production to shop delivery and payment—and contributes greatly to Atasay’s business agility. “We entrust our data to NetApp and the private cloud built on it. Its reliability and flexibility help us to act quickly and address business requirements and growth goals as needed,” says Gül Zor.

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Gold and jewelry manufacturing and retail

The Challenge Bring Atasay’s IT services to the next level and create a futureproof infrastructure.

The Solution
Revamp the complete storage and server landscape and build a private cloud based on NetApp® and VMware® products; leverage NetApp Integrated Data Protection.


  • Built a reliable and fast IT platform for Atasay’s staff and franchise partners
  • Accommodates 30% data growth per year easily
  • Eliminated three file servers
  • Saved 45% of costs for storage operations
  • Reduced administration time by 40%
  • Facilitated management with tight integration of NetApp and VMware solutions
  • Supports user productivity with rapid file restores in a minute
  • Accelerated backups by 85%

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