NetApp Products
2 NetApp EF540 Series arrays
SANtricity operating system


Third-Party Products
Microsoft .NET-based, customdeveloped billing system
Microsoft SQL Server

Grid Telekom

Customer Profile+-


Boğaziçi Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. (BEDAŞ; www.bedas.com.tr) is the leading utility operator in Turkey. It is the flagship of CLK Energy, Turkey’s largest electricity distribution and retail sales group. CLK holds a 30% share of the national energy market and covers 4 of the country’s 21 distribution areas.

BEDAŞ delivers 25 billion kWh to about 4.7 million subscribers per year on the Bosporus, the European side of Istanbul. The company’s more than 4,000 employees are committed to superior service and social responsibility. Within its “Light Up Your Life” campaign, BEDAŞ promotes numerous projects, such as power stations for electric wheelchairs. Until 2020, the company will invest 1.5 billion Turkish lira in power distribution and network modernization.

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The Challenge+-

Provide best-in-class services in the boomtown of Istanbul
When Turkey began to liberalize its power sector in 2013, it enabled customers to choose their suppliers from 100 competing retailers—and changed the way that the suppliers were working. For BEDAŞ, an originally government-run and now privately held entity, this change meant three essential things. The company had to keep up the service quality in the boomtown of Istanbul, manage a now dynamically behaving customer base, and build its own IT services after its governmental roots had been cut.

BEDAŞ’s core business is delivering electricity from retailers to subscribers. The company’s almost 5 million customers range from typical residents to large commercial and industrial subscribers with high quality demands and zero tolerance for power outages. To handle all these customers and their different needs, BEDAŞ runs an extensive database environment for billing, reporting, and customer relationship management (CRM).

“Our 4.7 million subscribers want online and offline information about their accounts. And they want it fast and at any time. Our database has 40 million lines of reporting, which call for high voltage to run business intelligence workloads in a short time. And of course we want that our customers are satisfied with our service,” explains Cemal Tuncel, IT director at BEDAŞ.

Processing and storing the database workloads present a challenge. BEDAŞ looked for systems that could easily keep pace with growing performance needs that are fueled by more and more database transactions. Approaches such as overprovisioning spinning drives, deploying server-based flash media, and even adjusting employee workflows were simply not options.

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The Solution+-

Rely on NetApp EF-Series all-flash arrays
“Our objective was a future-proof solution offering sustained highperformance levels. Classic storage systems can’t deliver that. It was only logical to look into all-flash solutions,” states Tuncel. Following its technical analyses and procurement processes, BEDAŞ put EMC, IBM, and NetApp on its vendor short list.

Impressed with the performance, resilience, economy, and simplified operations of the NetApp EF-Series platform, BEDAŞ decision makers purchased two EF540 all-flash arrays to support the billing, reporting, and CRM applications. NetApp partner Grid Telekom facilitated rapid deployment of the NetApp systems and is still providing support as needed.

“NetApp offered the best priceperformance ratio, along with fast, highquality support services,” says Tuncel. “Equally important were the system management and reporting tools, which we find easy and user-friendly. All this made us go for NetApp. Speaking now with a three-year experience, the allflash arrays are worth every lira.”

The NetApp EF-Series is built from the ground up for performance and can accelerate Microsoft SQL Server databases up to 20 times. The systems achieve consistent microsecond response times. They are the same on day 1,001 as they were on day 1. The NetApp SANtricity® operating system provides features to deliver 99.9999% availability. And it is easy to scale the capacity with modular 2U building blocks. Backed by a comprehensive and integrated toolset, BEDAŞ can keep billing records continuously accessible to customers, even in the event of a disaster.

“Although our data capacity and resource requirements have grown significantly, the NetApp EF-Series systems showed sustainable low response times and high IOPS for the past three years. They are running just great,” confirms Tuncel.

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Business Benefits+-

Accelerate billing service updates and enhance quality
BEDAŞ application developer teams work with multiple copies of data for parallel processes such as testing, development, and quality assurance. The cloning and replication features, which are integrated in the EF-Series operating system, help accelerate the process of introducing new service features such as online bill payments with a mobile application.

“NetApp technology has helped us shorten a development process that used to take months,” says Tuncel. “Now we can update the software with new features—many of which are in answer to customer requests—every week.”

Keep customers happy with digital innovations
BEDAŞ is highly committed to customer satisfaction and continues to invest in innovative tools and user-friendliness. One example is BEDAŞ 186, an interactive mobile app for round-the-clock insights into power outages. A NetApp all-flash infrastructure plays a key role in facilitating online user experiences. Customers do not need to enter a local BEDAŞ office for tasks such as bill paying or account changes or openings; instead they enjoy the convenience of using a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

The company definitely credits its ability to retain customers to providing them with reliable, accurate account information that is backed by highquality, personalized service and customer-friendly features.

“NetApp helped us leverage the latest technology to make our services more attractive and convenient—and introduce digital innovations far ahead of other power distributors,” says Tuncel. He adds, “Supporting our core customer application with NetApp technology helps us retain customers in a competitive market. It’s also supporting future objectives, such as further improvement of our mobile applications.”

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The Challenge
Provide best-in-class IT services for 4.7 million subscribers.

The Solution
Rely on NetApp® all-flash storage to manage and report on customer data and to improve the customer experience with superior billing options.


  • Accelerated digital innovation
  • Matched consistent service quality with growing workloads
  • Improved customer satisfaction by offering high-quality, reliable online services and web-based features such as convenient bill pay from mobile devices
  • Can update the billing system weekly, offering user-requested features and enhancements

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