• NetApp FAS2552 with Software
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Customer Profile+-

Beekenkamp Groep

Established in 1951, Beekenkamp Group (BKG) is an internationally oriented greenhouse firm, headquartered in Maasdijk, the Netherlands. The company produces and breeds horticultural endproducts, e.g. garden plants, crops and even chrysanthemums. The family-owned business is an industryleading organization consisting of three separate companies, each with its own level of expertise: Beekenkamp Plants (both Vegetables and Ornamentals), Beekenkamp Verpakkingen, and Deliflor Chrysanten. Beekenkamp Verpakkingen is dedicated to the manufacturing of crates, containers, and trays, while Deliflor Chrysanten is highly specialized in breeding chrysanthemums. The company produces more than 1.7 billion young plants each year.

Beekenkamp Group employs 2,200 people worldwide. Production and sales offices are based globally. Beekenkamp Group’s competitive edge stems from the company growing and packaging plants as well as experimenting with plants in-house.
In the list of the 100 best Agriculture businesses for 2015, Beekenkamp Group was recognized and ranked 4th, and even placed first as family base business. Their core strengths are quality, knowledge, a broad portfolio, and more than 65 years of experience.

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The Challenge+-

Beekenkamp Group was looking to replace its datacenter and for that purpose they worked with Cegeka, a NetApp partner, to fulfill their storage delivery, deployment and support needs. Beekenkamp Group wanted to implement a centralized storage environment in order to minimize data loss, improve storage utilization ratios, and enable secure backup of data at a secondary site. In addition, the environment had to be scalable to support future growth.

Cegeka is a full-service company, offering a wide portfolio of services. This is a benefit to Beekenkamp Group as maintenance is one of the services that appeals to Beekenkamp Group.

Nol Schrijvers, ICT Manager at Beekenkamp Group, mentioned: “As a company with global presence, we were looking for an always-on system so we could rest assured our data is always there when we need it.”

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The Solution+-

Beekenkamp Group ICT’s mission is: “We deliver a stable, reliable and innovative ICT landscape for Beekenkamp Group.” Their vision for the global company is: “Making ICT services available, anywhere, anytime; Innovating proactively as a team, with added value, along with the organization”. All of this was made possible through the implementation of NetApp FAS2500 Series systems. The systems were implemented, installed and configured in collaboration with NetApp partner Cegeka. Furthermore, Cegeka helped shape the back up environment. Nol Schrijvers said: “We knew about NetApp even before we actually selected them, and the company had always appealed to us. NetApp simply works. It is fast, reliable, efficient, and always available. That matches our target completely. One thing I particularly liked is the deduplication feature.” Paul van Dijk and Marcel Slinger, both Server & Network Architects at Beekenkamp Group, added: “NetApp disks showed much better storage utilization.”

The company is currently finalizing its ICT infrastructure roll-out and is planning to bring the project to completion before the end of 2016.

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Business Benefits+-

The production facility has always been fully automated, with fast Fibre Channel links between the office and the Deliflor Chrysanten shop floor. The ERP application has been virtualized. Because of the centralized server environment, users worldwide now have fast and efficient access to Beekenkamp Group’s data through a unified infrastructure. Data is safely backed up at a secondary site. In addition, the company has cut power costs and consolidated its ICT resources while increasing uptime, performance and capacity. Also, the systems offer scalability and nondisruptive operations for maximum availability and to support future growth.

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The Challenge

  • Disparate storage environment causing data loss
  • Backup data at a secondary site
  • Embrace scalability to accommodate further growth The Solution
  • NetApp FAS2552 with Software
  • NetApp FAS2554 with Software The Benefits
  • Combined storage and backup environment
  • High availability
  • Ability to separate operations
  • Sustainable operations by lowering systems and disks required, thus diminishing power consumption and air-conditioned space
  • Management simplicity through NetApp Virtual Storage Console

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