NetApp EF560 all-flash array
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ONTAP® 9, OnCommand® software, secure multitenancy

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Cloud4com is a leading provider of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) in the Czech Republic. Customers choose a service such as cloud storage for block or file data, data protection, or a virtual private cloud, and they pay only for that usage. Since its early days, Cloud4com has relied on NetApp® solutions and found it easy to broaden its service scope and win new customers. Its latest coup, SAP HANA as a service with NetApp EF-Series, propels Cloud4com ahead of its competition.

Already operating data centers in Prague, Cloud4com is on its way to becoming a top provider of virtual data centers in central Europe. It delivers on its mission to help customers gain higher effectivity and business success, for example, by making SAP HANA affordable and easily accessible for customers of any size.

In its region, Cloud4com is the first company to combine SAP HANA with IaaS and to guarantee service levels for both performance and uptime. Within minutes, customers can use a fully grown SAP HANA infrastructure for tasks that range from testing and development to proof of concept. To ensure smooth operations, customers can even match cloud resources with the real-world needs of their applications.

“With SAP HANA, performance is everything. This made us turn to NetApp once again,” says Jaroslav Hulej, sales director at Cloud4com. “We were very pleased with the service, the pricing, and of course the technology. By teaming with NetApp, we could successfully pioneer SAP HANA as a service.”

Cloud4com built its SAP HANA infrastructure on a low-latency NetApp all-flash array. Each server has access to at least one flash drive. This arrangement helps to meet high performance levels and satisfy demanding customers such as a large e-commerce provider whose shop systems run on Cloud4com’s infrastructure.

Overall, Cloud4com operates more than 500TB of NetApp storage today. One of its core offerings, virtual backup, was its first service built on NetApp solutions in 2012. Robustness, performance, and scalability helped Cloud4com expand the business, and the security and efficiency of NetApp shared storage enabled it to stay competitive.

“In general, customers decide by price and service level. But in the upper midmarket and enterprise segments, they want to know about the brands in our data center,” says Hulej. “Working with NetApp solutions means relying on trusted and acknowledged technology. In fact, it’s a bonus in winning and maintaining customers and in evolving our business.”

For example, Cloud4com uses the NetApp infrastructure to store customer data backups of partners such as Alef, which offers backup to the cloud based on NetApp technology. And Cloud4com can easily help NetApp customers extend their data centers to a hybrid cloud. With NetApp replication software and NetApp storage at Cloud4com sites, customers benefit from data protection, disaster recovery, and more within a flexible and fully controlled Data Fabric.

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