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Customer Profile+-


The company focuses on valueadded services and was one of the first providers to offer Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as part of its portfolio. The firm’s services portfolio revolves around three pillars: 1) reselling (for on-premises offerings); 2) CLOUDstore (value-added, proprietary hybrid cloud offering); and 3) managed services (available for both on-premises and CLOUDstore deployments, as a one-stop shop for customers, enabling them to both benefit from their technology and CURAit’s specialized support).

When it became clear that cloud was definitely here to stay, CURAit was looking for a services suite that would enable the company to deliver its solutions as a service to end-customers. This pillar then evolved into a very big part of CURAit’s business, whereby different multi-party technologies were combined to form a streamlined, proprietary CURAitbranded product: CLOUDstore. Through CLOUDstore, customers receive the right support, the right technology and the right ecosystem fitting their demands.

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The Challenge+-

CURAit has been a dedicated, NetApp-based service provider for a long time, with the NetApp portfolio deeply founded into the company’s facility and offerings. When the service provider launched Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), or Desktop as a Service (DaaS), many new opportunities opened up, including virtual servers and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). Anticipating rapid growth, and to get to market quicker, CURAit was looking for new ways to further automation and orchestration while offering maximal performance from the company datacenter.

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The Solution+-

As part of the ‘Fueled by NetApp’ program, CURAit decided to implement a 4-node NetApp SolidFire system. The system made a great kickstart from the very beginning. Because of the steep adoption and rapid success the company quickly doubled its deployment. A lot of CURAit’s offerings were based on what the ‘Fueled by NetApp’ program brought to the table.

Martin Phillip Maleschyn confirms: “The NetApp team really is a part of my company’s success and the ‘Fueled by NetApp’ program has made a huge difference for CURAit in the market. NetApp has been very helpful in breaking down all different barriers around pricing, productizing and go-to-market strategy regarding many products we are now delivering through CLOUDstore. We were able to implement the system in a very short amount of time because NetApp really understood our concept.”

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Business Benefits+-

To CURAit, NetApp SolidFire was a perfect match. CURAit sets a perfect example of how flash-based storage can make a great difference to even smaller firms. Flash has become a viable, affordable storage medium.

In addition, SolidFire comes with many more benefits, including automation, orchestration, selfhealing, Quality-of-Service (QoS), encryption (a cluster-wide setting, which is not currently enabled), and data efficiency. The QoS features enable CURAit to throttle performance, e.g. for VDI purposes.

Doing things smarter in a truly and automated datacenter is a key differentiator for service providers. With SolidFire, CURAit can attract more opportunities using the same manpower. The scale-up/scale-out capability of SolidFire enables CURAit to deliver a broader product range. Also, SolidFire allows for running mixed workloads in the same platform. Martin Phillip Maleschyn: “Using SolidFire, we can be entrepreneurs in our own datacenter – instead of building silos, we can do what we do best, building services in that great system of SolidFire.”

CURAit wants to be able to fully understand and use the technology, so customers can harness the full potential of their technology. Customers benefit from full transparency and insight through customized dashboards, so they can instantly monitor the health of the services CURAit is delivering to them. There are no steep start-up costs (capital expenses) – services are simply consumed based on an operational expenses model, without any contract obligations. CURAit maintains a no cure no pay principle – that means that customers can leave anytime. This principle has proven very successful for the company. Martin Phillip Maleschyn adds: “If we do our job well and live up to our promise, we will have a customer for many years.”

Now with NetApp SolidFire, CURAit can take its portfolio to the next level. CURAit’s vision is that every product in its portfolio should be consumable from a customer’s end-point in a ‘click and go fashion’. The company aims to focus more on value-added services rather than normal competition in IaaS offerings. Especially the automation part is critically important. CURAit wants to further build on the relationship with NetApp and other vendors and suppliers to get there quicker to be on top of the market. SolidFire is evolving quickly and CURAit wants to be part of that journey, taking on all new features as they are released.

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  • No cure no pay principle, no contract obligations for customers
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Tailored performance dashboards based on customers’ requirements
  • Full automation and orchestration
  • Business agility
  • No start-up costs for customers
  • Scale performance or capacity, or both, depending on needs
  • Consistent performance because of flash

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