• NetApp AltaVault for backup workloads
  • NetApp StorageGRID (S3)
  • NetApp Data SANtricity
  • NetApp E-Series

Customer Profile+-


Headquartered in the Dutch city of Capelle aan den IJssel, Damecon is an all-round, very technologically skilled service provider. Damecon’s core values are ‘Professional Unburdening’, ‘Transparancy’ in cost and technology, and ‘Customer Experience’. The service provider company was founded by Jory van Dam in 2009. Damecon has a full, fully automated datacenter serving a vast array of customers. The datacenter infrastructure is incredibly flexible and scalable, and it is capable of handling a peak in customer growth. Damecon mostly takes a hybrid approach when it comes to the delivery of their fully operational managed services. Damecon understands that customers often want to keep certain workloads on-premises. A large extent of their data center is VMware-based. Damecon boasts a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 title.

The workforce is comprised of 15-20 staff. The organization’s verticals include amongst others: Hospitals, insurance firms and banking, manufacturing, education, and (local and regional) government.

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The Challenge+-

Damecon was looking for new ways to remain competitive and improve on scalability. The service provider has seen a steep incline in the customer base and wanted to be able to offer a unified backup solution so all customer needs could be handled.
Furthermore, Damecon wanted to gain more insight (fingerprinting) for data tiering, and workload placement.

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The Solution+-

To fulfill their needs, Damecon implemented Backup as a Service based on NetApp E-Series systems with SANtricity management software. Together with NetApp AltaVault and StorageGRID, this resulted in their unified backup solution for bridging (non-) NetApp systems.

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Business Benefits+-

NetApp AltaVault offers many advantages, including automation, data optimization (by means of deduplication, compression, and encryption), and cost efficiency. Because of the AltaVault solution, data is processed at a consistent, predictable speed. Backups are made non-disruptively – the customer doesn’t experience any downtime.

With their current setup, Damecon can give the customer full flexibility in their preferred backup methodology. The customer has freedom of choice – with Backup as a Service, the customer has full flexibility and efficiency in workload portability between tiers, depending on performance, capacity, data retention, and cost needs.

Depending on the customer’s preference, data can be offl oaded to Damecon’s StorageGRID solution or placed in a hyperscaler environment for long-term archive storage.

Rob Christ, Commercial Director at Damecon, mentioned: “NetApp AltaVault offers a great competitive edge in serving customers who cannot or prefer not to be ‘NetAppivised’ for technical or strategic reasons. With AltaVault, we can consolidate many different backup appliances into one unifi ed, simplifi ed solution. All data will now be written in one format.”

With shrinking budgets, more and more organizations are looking to outsource and automate technical management, while keeping operational management in-house. Yet, they are hesitant towards moving to the public cloud in full. They still prefer to keep certain workloads and data in-house, which is why hybrid cloud is a great solution.

AltaVault is a great, unifi ed and powerful fi le-based solution for bridging the gap between systems to serve the widest array of customers. AltaVault can be deployed in the cloud, on-premise or as an appliance. The solution is compatible with any customer hardware and has only very minimal impact on the customer’s operations.

The NetApp AltaVault & StorageGRID solution completes Damecon’s Data Fabric as a Service portfolio, including support for NetApp SnapMirror/SnapVault. The secure S3 platform eliminates the need for any other backup solution by enabling customers to write data directly from their production tier through NetApp AltaVault onto a S3 bucket—at a predictable low cost of € 0.05/GB. In addition, data is hosted at two Equinix data centers in the Netherlands, and data can be retrieved within agreed SLAs.

Jory van Dam, Technical Director at Damecon, concluded: “NetApp SANtricity will offer many advantages if deployed as a platform, with the client staying in control of data and workloads at all times. Damecon and NetApp are a great match, as well as a winning team. The all-in-one NetApp SnapCenter software and the AltaVault solution are rock solid. It simply works.”

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Service Providers

The Challenge
Extend and simplify portfolio, and remain competitive with enhanced scalability

The Solution
Backup as a Service using NetApp AltaVault and StorageGRID (S3) for bridging multi-party systems

The Benefits

  • Customers can backup data cost-effectively and with minimal impact
  • Protocol-independent, platform-independent file access and backup
  • Incredible scalability supporting vast customer growth
  • Simplified operations by consolidating backup formats
  • Data placement in Equinix data centers in the Netherlands
  • Offer higher SLAs for much lower costs
  • Object-based storage (S3) compatible with big data analysis

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