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Customer Profile+-

Danske Fragtmaend

Danske Fragtmænd is a major Danish player in transport of goods. Goods are transported between freight centers in the night. The ability to group freight on pallets as well as country-wide coverage gives the company its competitive edge. Every working day, Danske Fragtmænd collects and delivers 40,000 parcels to domestic destinations, including the Danish islands and even the south of Sweden, to 40,000 corporate customers through 1500 vehicles. Shipments to the rest of the world are handled through the company’s partner ecosystem.

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The Challenge+-

During certain hours, Danske Fragtmænd processes many concurrent transactions, which places a lot of pressure on the storage and network infrastructure. It is absolutely critical for forwarders and planners to rely on real-time information for accurate shipment scheduling and truck planning.

Danske Fragtmænd was therefore looking for a solution that was reliable, able to cope with peak hours and capable of providing real-time data for the company’s business applications and fleet and consignment management applications. Given the high cost of outages, ever shorter delivery timeframes and a very competitive marketplace, non-disruptive operations was another key requirement. In addition, the system had to offer robust performance to allow for increased use of machine learning, business intelligence and data modelling/prediction.

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The Solution+-

To meet their needs, Danske Fragtmænd turned to edgemo and Fujitsu, who implemented a NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) A700 MetroCluster solution, with activeactive on-site data mirroring. Danske Fragtmænd also purchased OnCommand Insight analytic software to get a granular view of the storage infrastructure and pinpoint/prevent performance bottlenecks

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Business Benefits+-

TIn a highly competitive market, Danske Fragtmænd is now able to remain superefficient. The new NetApp AFF MetroCluster stack makes unplanned outages a thing of the past. It is very easy to move servers and nodes between sites, and patching or testing is no longer causing any downtime.

The company harvests large amounts of data, and the new deployment has enough processing power and capacity to support future data growth or data transfers, even at peak processing times.

NetApp was chosen because edgemo, Fujitsu and NetApp showed true understanding of Danske Fragtmænd’s business challenges and addressed those with the proper solution. SQL databases have a very short acknowledgement time.

Lars Pedersen, IT Operational Manager at Danske Fragtmænd, confirms: “After testing our system in production, we cannot see any signs of the database acknowledge times or system response times changing, even at peak times. From a business perspective, that is very important for us. To be more specific: NetApp promised a maximum latency of 0.7 milliseconds on the storage layer – as it turns out, our latency is only 0.7 milliseconds from the user perspective, which is very good.”

NetApp OnCommand Insight enables Danske Fragtmænd to be in control of the complete stack for the most important logistics application at all times. Using NetApp OnCommand Insight, Danske Fragtmænd can pinpoint unused resources, disk failures, performance bottlenecks, and other issues preventing the system from performing optimally.

According to Lars Pedersen, “edgemo and Fujitsu were the easiest provider to deliver a turnkey solution – a full package including installation, training, and support, which was a major driver for choosing NetApp. And in turn, NetApp provided the best customer references showcasing how other customers have successfully deployed NetApp.”

edgemo has been active for just six years and has already placed itself at the very forefront of server/ storage development. Holding the position as leading NetApp and Fujitsu partners on the Danish Market, edgemo immediately took on the Danske Fragtmænd project. “We have a very high expertise in this field, and indeed it was needed on this project”, says Claus Baden, Business Relationship Manager of Infrastructure at edgemo. He continues: “The possibilities with the A700 MetroCluster solution meet the top standards of modern infrastructure, but for obvious reasons it prerequisites a hardware equivalent. For years we have - together with Fujitsu - specialized in the configuration of such solutions, and we have very successfully been matching NetApp and Fujitsu in many occasions. In the Danske Fragtmænd case we took on a total enterprise that comprises not only configuration, but everything from sizing to the project management, part in collaboration with Fujitsu/NetApp”.

In the future, Danske Fragtmænd is looking to extract even more value out of its data using business intelligence and machine learning, combined with granular analyses from the NetApp OnCommand Insight software suite.

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  • No unplanned downtime
  • Real-time data availability across all freight centers
  • Granular insight in infrastructure stack
  • Seamless maintenance
  • Future-proof deployment

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