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Customer Profile+-


The customer portfolio includes media firms—including Bonnier News, Sweden’s largest newspaper—to financial institutions requiring complete confidentiality of data. However, many customers do not have any IT staff who have the knowledge to administer the applications and systems. This is where ELASTX’s unique selling point comes into play – customers can have full confidence in the local support that they receive. In a way, ELASTX thus acts as customers’ cloud ops.

ELASTX’s business model is to avoid lock-in by using opensource technology, and customers do not have any contract obligations. Although customers can leave anytime, ELASTX will do everything in its power to deliver on its promise of full customer service.

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The Challenge+-

Before NetApp SolidFire was deployed, ELASTX was looking for new ways to identify tiering levels. With SolidFire now set-up, the service provider required a very stable system offering maximum automation and efficiency with only minimal personnel. In addition, ELASTX expected the same support level they were providing to their customers in return from their suppliers.

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The Solution+-

The firm is an early adopter of NetApp SolidFire and decided to deploy an all-flash NetApp SolidFire system a few years after it was established. Henrik Grankvist, COO of ELASTX, confirms the rollout went very smoothly: “ELASTX’s IT staff is really top notch and because of their skillset and competences we have been able to migrate quickly.” He continues: “NetApp has been offering us really good support, which is really important for us.”

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Business Benefits+-

Since everything in NetApp SolidFire is automated, there is only minimal system tweaking involved so IT personnel can focus on more value-added tasks, including application and performance tuning for customers. This also enables ELASTX to do more with less staff.

In turn, customers benefit from performance guarantees across tiers, thus eliminating ‘noise neighbors’ and other performancerelated issues through workload throttling. Customers can rest assured that their database/ application will always perform as expected. Should any tweaking be required, then ELASTX can provide skilled staff to assist the customer, all the way to code if needed.

Many of ELASTX’s customers simply want their applications to work. They develop their application and website and then entrust it to the service provider.

With NetApp SolidFire customers can be offered peace of mind that apps will run worry-free.

Henrik confirms: “SolidFire is simply great and it worked right from the start. We really love SolidFire’s automation, scalability, performance, and Quality of Service (QoS) features. We can scale at any time if needed.” ELASTX’s confidence shows in that the firm has even adopted an approach similar to NetApp SolidFire across its datacenters, using modular storage, networking, and compute.

As technology is moving forward, ELASTX’s goal is to have containers as first-class citizens in their cloud platform that can be distributed across three datacenters that are based in Sweden. ELASTX are launching a pure CaaS (Container-as-aService) powered by Kubernetes.

Key focus areas include further strengthening of security, performance, and availability, while still delivering on the promise of 24/7 local support. Henrik has full confidence that NetApp SolidFire will be able to support the company in its future goals. In view of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its data privacy and security restrictions, ELASTX is able to offer its customers full flexibility in the placement of their data, e.g. locally or on hyper-scalars’ premises.

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Customers benefit from full support throughout the application lifecycle

  • Customers have flexibility around data placement
  • No contract obligations for customers
  • Low-latency IOPS

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