NetApp Products
4 NetApp FAS8040 systems (4-node cluster)
2 NetApp FAS2240 systems
NetApp clustered Data ONTAP 8.3RC2
Multitiering with SAS, SATA, and SSD drives
Thin provisioning

Protocols NFS


Customer Profile+-

EOH Cloud

Established in 2012, EOH Cloud Services (www.eohcloud.co.za) puts customers in control of their cloud experience at any point in their cloud journey. EOH Cloud Services is a division of EOH, the largest applications business in South Africa and one of the top three IT service providers. EOH has been publically listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since 1998, and it has more than 6,000 employees and over 100 lines of business. EOH follows the consulting, technology, and outsourcing model to provide highvalue end-to-end solutions to clients in all industry verticals.

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The Challenge+-

Bring an award-winning cloud business to the next level
Growing customer interest in virtualization and cloud services made EOH start a new division: EOH Cloud Services, dedicated to providing a scalable, dynamic, and fully managed hybrid cloud platform for infrastructure as a service. The new offering has been adopted by the market very well and has gained awareness rapidly. Within only one and a half years, Frost & Sullivan recognized EOH Cloud Services with the 2013 South African Award for Customer Value Enhancement. Today, more than 180 external businesses as well as services for EOH rely on the cloud platform.

Right from the start, EOH Cloud Services used NetApp solutions to deliver on the requirements of a business with guaranteed service levels. “Our experiences with NetApp storage were phenomenal,” says Richard Vester, divisional director at EOH Cloud Services and seasoned EOH manager. “Uptime was incredible. The systems just ran. This helped a lot to establish our cloud offering in the market.”

As a result of growing success, EOH Cloud Services wanted to bring the platform to the next level of capacity, performance, and scalability. “When we checked the options, NetApp was of course on the agenda. EOH is a NetApp partner and we have a longstanding business relationship with them,” says Vester. “Nevertheless we looked also at alternatives because the storage decision would definitely affect the future of our business.”

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The Solution+-

Move to NetApp clustered Data ONTAP
Vester’s team knew from experience that NetApp FAS systems perform very well and provide unmatched flexibility through overprovisioning and overselling. Great system uptime and smooth operations added to this experience and made NetApp storage the ideal choice for EOH Cloud Services. The sweet spot, however, was NetApp clustered Data ONTAP.

“NetApp has invested in the future of its FAS storage architecture,” says Vester. “The capabilities of NetApp clustered Data ONTAP are simply unique. This is clearly the reason why we decided again to move forward with NetApp.”

The NetApp operating system features a unified storage platform that helps customers adapt to change with reduced risk and cost. On a single platform, EOH Cloud Services can scale the infrastructure up and out and benefits from nondisruptive operations, proven efficiency, and seamless scalability of capacity, performance, and operations.

With its move to NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, EOH Cloud Services has enhanced the infrastructure. The team replaced the two existing NetApp FAS3240 systems with four NetApp FAS8040 systems and configured them as a 4-node cluster. Implementation and migration were done quickly and went smoothly. The management is easy in general, and moving data between the nodes is very simple. Furthermore, EOH Cloud Services continues to use two older NetApp FAS2200 series systems to start up new clients and for test purposes.

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Business Benefits+-

The investment pays off
The team has achieved significant efficiencies in terms of performance and capacity. “We were able to save 40% storage capacity with deduplication and 150% with thin provisioning,” says Vester. Performance was improved by 35%. The built-in efficiency of NetApp Data ONTAP helps to slow down disk shelf purchases, but data keeps growing. “This is natural in our business and obviously an indicator of success,” says Vester. “By applying storage efficiency we need to order the next disk shelf only once a quarter.”

More options for customers
In South Africa, companies of all sizes are comfortable with having trusted service providers take care of their IT needs. However, trust needs to be earned. An easy way of engaging with customers, virtually unlimited flexibility of services, and superior technology have made EOH Cloud Services the local market leader for hybrid cloud solutions. A growing scope of services helps to attract new customers and foster customer satisfaction. By offering multitiered storage based on SAS, SATA, and SSD drives, EOH Cloud Services was able to deliver more than just disk storage. It added value to its offering and provided customers with flexible storage and cost options for their applications.

With NetApp storage at the core of the infrastructure, EOH Cloud Services can easily deliver on the NetApp Data Fabric strategy: It helps customers to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure by combining their on-premises NetApp storage with NetApp storage in the cloud. “The greatest thing is the unbound scalability of the storage,” says Vester. “Whatever service offering we might offer one day, we can scale on demand.”

Prepared for the future
EOH Cloud Services is growing and needs to make sure that the cloud platform can keep pace easily and at a high service level. “Clustered Data ONTAP provides additional value by delivering second-to-none uptime, performance, and efficiency,” says Vester. “This will help us to expand our offering from infrastructure to software as a service.”

With this outlook in mind, and to reduce geographic risks, EOH Cloud Services plans to integrate another data center about 1,000 kilometers away. Thanks to the new infrastructure, it will be easy to split the 4-node storage cluster between two sites. With NetApp’s comprehensive software offering, it will be easy to add new functionalities such as replication technology to prepare for disaster recovery and much more.

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Cloud services, hosted and managed services

The Challenge Bring an award-winning cloud business to the next level of scalability and availability.

The Solution
Move to the NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® operating system deployed with NetApp FAS8000 series systems in a 4-node cluster configuration.


  • Gained nondisruptive operations
  • Enlarged customer choice with tiered storage
  • Achieved unlimited scalability
  • Improved performance by 35%
  • Saved 40% storage capacity with deduplication
  • Saved 150% storage capacity with thin provisioning
  • Built the ground for the future needs of a leading hybrid cloud platform

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