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Customer Profile+-

Ichthus College

Ichthus College is preparing students for future education as well as society. Playing a central role in society, Ichthus College promises students to provide best-in-class education, suited to students’ talents, developments in society, and the college’s identity. The college boasts a very high graduation rate – on average, 92% of all students will pass their graduation test.

Ichthus College welcomes both students who have faith in the Christian belief and students who pay respect to it. The college has a Biblical Worldview. Through this worldview, students are taught how to take a firm stance and take responsibility in society, both as a Christian and a citizen.

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The Challenge+-

Ichthus College was using old, slow HP MSA storage hardware that had reached End of Support (EOS) and the existing VMware vSphere deployment was no longer upgradeable as a result of the outdated storage hardware. In the new system, Ichthus College was looking to improve performance using flash, preferably through all-flash disks.

In addition, there was a requirement to expand connectivity options, moving the existing Fibre Channel connection to an Ethernet storage system, preferably based on NFS.

Lastly, Ichthus College was looking to improve manageability for the VMware environment through direct (storage) management from vSphere, including optimized backup management. The new system had to integrate with the existing Veeam deployment.

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The Solution+-

Ichthus College researched many solutions offering multi-protocol support; integrated backup technology combined with Veeam; and full data efficiency. NetApp was able to offer a storage system that met ALL requirements in a single solution. Firstly, it was multiprotocol, i.e. it supported both Fibre Channel and IP-based protocols (NFS, iSCSI, CIFS). And secondly, it offered full integration with vSphere, enabling management through vSphere, including integrated backup technology combined with Veeam.

Ichthus College turned to Damecon as their reseller and implementation partner. With the expert help of Damecon, the college implemented an all-flash NetApp FAS2650 system offering full data efficiency technologies as part of the ONTAP 9 management software, which was another specific requirement at Ichthus College.

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Business Benefits+-

With the new NetApp system, Ichthus College now has a futureproof, multi-protocol storage system with the technology and tools in place to plan and take operations forward. The college now benefits from backup capabilities, flash storage, more disk space and simplified management. And NetApp systems come with built-in data efficiency features, including deduplication, in-line compression, and compaction, to optimize disk usage as much as possible.

Milovan Milic adds: “The implementation is working great. This solution delivers continuity, performance and peace of mind. I can sleep better, assured with data protection and backup.”

The NetApp system integrates seamlessly with Veeam, giving Ichthus College the best of both worlds. Milovan Milic explains: “One of the reasons the NetApp system was chosen is the integration with Veeam, the ability to create NetApp snapshots as well as Veeam’s capability to read and restore from NetApp snapshots.”

Combined, NetApp and Veeam offer optimal data protection, which is of high importance to Ichthus College, enabling the institute to backup, replicate, and recover data at a great priceperformance value.

Apart from the IT benefits, Ichthus College has also been able to lower its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and received 5 years of all-in support. The NetApp system comes with NetApp AutoSupport, so issues can be escalated timely and appropriately if necessary. Damecon has access to the AutoSupport data too, which can be accessed through a dedicated portal.

Ichthus College now benefits from non-disruptive operations, which means that broken equipment can be replaced without impacting users or applications. Milovan Milic: “Business continuity and data protection are very important for us, and we can achieve it with NetApp. Plus, we have enough disk space (combined with data efficiency features) for the future. Though if needed, we can expand storage easily.”

In the future, Ichthus College is looking to streamline backup operations further, replacing ESX hosts and moving from Fibre Channel to a 10 Gb NFS protocol. The college is currently exploring options for offloading its data off-premises, to ensure data is safeguarded in case of a disaster.

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  • Low-latency flash storage
  • Enough disk space to accommodate data growth
  • Robust integration with Veeam
  • Multi-protocol
  • Non-disruptive operations

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