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NetApp FAS2552 two-node cluster
NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® 8.3
Flash Pool intelligent caching
Snapshot technology
Storage efficiency


Third-Party Products
2 Cisco 10GbE 3850 core network switches
2 Fujitsu Primergy RX4770 M2 servers
Commvault IntelliSnap for NetApp
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
SAP BI, SAP ERP with SAP AFS and other modules, SAP HANA for BI
VMware vSphere 6

BCC Services d.o.o.

Customer Profile+-


Ivancica is a leading and award-winning footwear manufacturer. The company focuses on its children’s footwear brand Froddo and exports primarily to European and U.S. markets. With a daily output of 5,000 pairs of shoes, Ivancica is dedicated to meeting health and safety standards throughout the whole production process. Every shoe is produced in an environmentally friendly way and without any harmful substances or compounds such as chromium-6. Ivancica is headquartered near Varazdin, a town in northern Croatia, and employs more than 800 people. The company was founded in 1946.

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The Challenge+-

15 minutes for data processing is too much
With inadequate IT solutions, companies can suffer from long waiting times, slow production, and lower revenue. At Ivancica it took up to 15 minutes to process some workloads such as completing a product in one production segment and transferring it to the next. The efficiency not only was poor; it also affected production-related reporting and the working climate, because the production output rate determines workers’ final income.

Tajana Gotal, chief financial officer at Ivancica, took on the challenge to bring the IT environment to the next level. The company already used SAP ERP and business intelligence (BI) solutions to optimize business processes, product quality, and process communication.

However, the infrastructure for the SAP and VMware environments clearly needed a new setup to cope with Gotal’s development strategy. Her first step was the move to SAP Apparel and Footwear Solutions (AFS) to quickly solve production problems. The next step was the migration to SAP HANA to improve the BI and reporting situation in the short run. Later on SAP HANA will drive SAP Fashion Management Solutions (FMS), the new and extended generation of SAP AFS and other SAP applications.

One of the most complex SAP projects in Croatia was kicked off. It started with the deployment of a consolidated infrastructure that can easily support an evolving SAP environment.

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The Solution+-

Build the ground for SAP HANA with NetApp and Fujitsu
The transition to SAP HANA required more performance and redundancy in the infrastructure, a faster network, and comprehensive server virtualization. Ivancica’s IT partner, BCC Services, had carefully evaluated the weak points on site and came up with a tailored solution based on products from Cisco, Fujitsu, NetApp, Red Hat, and VMware.

With SAP HANA, all database transactions happen in memory rather than in a read cache, which is only a part of a server’s memory. Nevertheless, SAP HANA needs a storage solution to overcome memory volatility, to cater for fast read and write processes from and to the database, and to provide backup and disaster recovery.

“NetApp FAS hybrid storage with NetApp Flash Pool is ideal thanks to its performance and storage tiering. Flash Pool operates as an extended read-and-write SSD cache. It leverages the 4k-sized data blocks defined in the NetApp file system to write and serve currently used data always to and from SSD,” explains Davor Jovicic, systems integration consultant at BCC Services.

Jovicic adds, “With this fine granularity, NetApp enables nearly instantaneous caching of read and write data and can significantly reduce the latency for Ivancica’s SAP workloads. Above all, we achieved a virtual storage tier where data is always handled by the appropriate media without having to move a single bit of data.”

Ivancica combines online Snapshot® and replication technology from NetApp with Commvault IntelliSnap to back up all kinds of data. Thanks to the close integration of the technologies, Ivancica can manage data protection in a diskto-disk-to-tape scenario from a single interface. BCC Services also leverages other storage efficiency features, including data cloning, deduplication, and thin provisioning, to help Ivancica make the most of the investment in NetApp.

“It was the right decision to partner with BCC Services. They understand our business very well and are highly committed to satisfying our needs,” says Gotal.

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Business Benefits+-

Time is money
BCC Services took care of the data migration and the fine-tuning of the infrastructure to maximize its value for the SAP landscape. The results are significant: The response time for SAP workloads to complete was reduced from up to 15 minutes to less than 5 seconds.

The workloads processed between 9 and 10 in the morning show the most significant improvements. Then the factory is under “rush hour”, and employees start their working day. The average response times within the SAP environment were reduced greatly and help Ivancica accelerate processes, meet output objectives, and drive revenue:

  • Database time 11x faster
  • Database response time 14x faster
  • Database wait time 6x faster
“The improvements in the shoe production are evident. However, we must also respond very quickly to changing market demands. This requires up-to-date reporting,” says Gotal. “The new infrastructure helps us a lot here. Though we are still optimizing templates, in-time reporting is already established. It’s a huge difference to generate a report in 5 seconds instead of 10 minutes. This is a true milestone on our journey to SAP HANA.

Be among the first to run SAP FMS on SAP HANA
Ivancica’s business is growing by acquisition and by a successful repositioning of its Froddo brand in 2015. The number of international buyers grew by 60%, year over year 74% more footwear was sold, and online sales increased by 30%. To cope with growth on all levels, Ivancica plans to migrate to SAP FMS on SAP HANA in the next few years. This will integrate wholesale, manufacturing, and retailing processes into a single solution.

“So far we have reached our objectives. Speed and availability have greatly improved,” summarizes Gotal. “I can say we have built a future-proof IT platform that can truly support our business and our quality standards.”

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