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Customer Profile+-

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital

Opened in 1983, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH; www.kkesh.med.sa) is a tertiary-care ophthalmic facility operated by the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is dedicated to ophthalmic care for its patients and serves and promotes ophthalmic care kingdomwide through its outreach, educational, and research programs. KKESH has more than 1,200 full-time employees, including over 400 nurses and physicians. The facilities include a short-stay unit and about 200 inpatient beds. In 2014, the hospital took care of about 183,700 outpatient visits, 35,500 emergency cases, and more than 11,450 surgeries.

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The Challenge+-

Bring IT service quality to the next level
KKESH is at the forefront of ophthalmic know-how, and is seamlessly equipped with state-of-the-art IT technology. All processes, from administration to care and beyond, are digitized. A range of file and database applications for diagnostics, care, imaging, and archiving are in place. All patient-related information, both clinical and nonclinical, is captured in a single electronic medical record in the hospital information system. Authorized staff members can securely access the data at any point of care using an Internetconnected desktop or mobile device. Warlito J. Bajarias, system engineer and acting IT infrastructure manager at KKESH, manages the IT services and applications for about 1,500 users. He is also in charge of developing an infrastructure that meets 24/7 uptime needs.

“The move from direct-attached storage to a storage area network had been a major step,” says Bajarias. “It helped to enhance the availability and to realize consolidation benefits. However, there are new applications such as VDI on the horizon, and medical imaging data is growing massively. Both required a highly available, secure data infrastructure and much better scalability.”

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The Solution+-

Switch to NetApp solutions for 24/7 data access
KKESH explored SAN storage solutions from leading vendors, including NetApp. The unified architecture of the NetApp systems, its technical functionalities, and the price-performance ratio made it easy to select the NetApp solutions.

KKESH chose two NetApp FAS3250 systems in a NetApp MetroCluster configuration to provide 24/7 data availability. The hospital operates two data centers in separate buildings that are connected over a 40Gb black fiber network. Data is synchronously mirrored between them to be prepared for disaster recovery cases. Using NetApp systems enabled broad consolidation of SAN applications, including databases, medical imaging, and file-based applications. KKESH can apply storage protocols as needed to optimize application access.

Today, almost all applications have been migrated to the NetApp systems. They currently host 60TB of data on a 120TB SAN storage with SAS and SATA disk drives. NetApp Flash Cache® intelligent caching accelerates data communication by automatically caching frequently accessed data. KKESH deploys NetApp Snapshot® technology to back up virtual machines and data volumes. Thus it was possible to enhance traditional backup software coupled with tape media. NetApp deduplication helps to reduce redundant data.

Bajarias and his team worked with NetApp engineers to implement the new storage and start the first data migration projects. Everything went fine and deadlines were fully met. Usually, KKESH relies on NetApp partner Fujitsu Arabia to evolve the data center setup according to changing requirements

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Business Benefits+-

High availability with less effort and greater efficiency
NetApp solutions enabled KKESH to raise the availability of all IT services on the storage. “The systems have been running smoothly for four years now,” says Bajarias. “The cluster functions work fine and help us to keep service levels high. Even maintenance activities don’t impact applications and users.”

The solutions also made it possible to dramatically reduce recovery point and recovery time objectives. Restoring and recovering data from tape had sometimes affected application uptime and had been time consuming to handle. With today’s snapshot backup, data restores and recoveries are done within a few seconds or minutes.

Data growth is generally a big topic at KKESH. Medical imaging especially requires a lot of capacity, and sharing the images by e-mail adds to that need. NetApp deduplication helps to get rid of unnecessary copies automatically and to avoid unneeded storage consumption. It is easy to add new disk shelves and it can be done on demand and without any downtime.

“NetApp make my life 100% easier,” says Bajarias. “A single point of management for the storage is a huge benefit. Monitoring has become easy. And automation helps to reduce administration and saves time for other tasks.”

Improved user and patient experiences
In a fully digitized medical environment, doctors and nurses need patient records with all details right at their fingertips. Waiting minutes for an MRT scan to be displayed on screen is simply a no-go in a leading hospital such as KKESH. Today, ophthalmic excellence meets high IT standards to benefit both patients and staff. “The feedback has been very positive,” says Bajarias. “Even our power users are delighted with the performance and easy access to their data. Thus, they can explain diagnostics and treatments to their patients better.”

Well prepared for all challenges
Looking ahead, the newly gained high availability and scalability of the storage will become even more important. New workloads will come on board, including voice recording as part of the virtual desktop infrastructure concept, digital telephony, and a medical library. Other applications such as picture imaging and communications systems (PACSs) will be migrated to a new system.

Whatever the future brings, Bajarias and his team are well prepared to execute: “The NetApp solutions enabled us to build the foundation for providing constantly high IT service levels. We can deliver on new requirements easily and contribute to the medical, educational, and research mission of KKESH.”

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Ophthalmic hospital facilities, research, and education

The Challenge
Bring IT service quality to the next level to meet higher requirements.

The Solution
Switch to a fast NetApp® FAS MetroCluster™ solution for 24/7 data access and leverage NetApp Integrated Data Protection.


  • Raised the scalability to meet data growth
  • Accelerated data access
  • Improved the user experience
  • Simplified upgrades, monitoring, and management
  • Achieved flawless operations and uptime
  • Reduced 25% data through deduplication
  • Built the foundation to serve new IT projects such as VDI, VoIP, and a medical library

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