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4 NetApp FAS8060 systems in a 4-node cluster
NetApp clustered Data ONTAP 8.3
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VMware virtual servers Microsoft Azure pack for:

  • IaaS: virtual servers on Hyper-V
  • PaaS/websites: web services on Windows Azure Pack
  • PaaS/DBaaS: database services on Windows Azure Pack
  • DPM: backup as a service
Physical servers running SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, and others

Customer Profile+-


Established in 1945, KoçSistem Information and Communication Services (KoçSistem; www.kocsistem.com.tr/) is Turkey’s largest IT company. Being a pioneer of the IT industry in Turkey, the company kept reshaping itself to meet market changes. KoçSistem aims to fulfill costumer expectations through permanent and innovative collaborations with leading IT vendors and a strong footprint in research and development. Its employees serve beyond customer expectations, with an end-to-end service mentality focused on customized solutions. KoçSistem operates internationally accredited data centers in Ankara and Istanbul. In 2012 it opened its first foreign subsidiary, KoçSistem Azerbaijan.

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The Challenge+-

Find the right storage solution for Istanbul One
KoçSistem offers comprehensive solutions and services around data centers, networks, workstations, business applications, and processes. It helps customers with their IT needs on premises and in the cloud. Because the data center operations kept growing, KoçSistem needed additional facilities and finally opened Istanbul One in 2015. Today the data center hosts cloud and managed services for hundreds of customers on 12,000 square meters.

Choosing the right storage infrastructure was crucial for KoçSistem. Especially with cloud services, customer demand can change quickly, and flexibility and scalability become important factors. To enable and maintain high-quality services, KoçSistem needed systems that provide superior performance and operability. And it needed software solutions to facilitate data management and serve customers in a better way. 100% availability is highly important. Many customers may be affected even by minor service interruptions. Thus, KoçSistem had to make sure its services are up and running even at times of planned maintenance or any kind of enhancement or update. And of course, KoçSistem had to consider the costs. Cloud and managed services are a costsensitive business with competition basically all around the world. Lowering CAPEX and OPEX is the main objective to stay competitive.

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The Solution+-

Select NetApp solutions for flexibility and simplicity
KoçSistem and NetApp have been working together since 2008. The company has benefited a lot from NetApp solutions in the past. “Our data grew by a factor of four within three years. Thanks to the simple management and automation of the NetApp solutions, we could manage the environment pretty much with the same team,” says Cüneyt Özdilek, assistant general manager at KoçSistem.

However, choosing NetApp for the Istanbul One data center wasn’t taken for granted. KoçSistem had put together technical requirements for the storage and negotiated with several vendors before evaluating their proposals. Özdilek points out why NetApp again became the company’s choice:

“We needed proven storage systems and a trusted partner to build the infrastructure together. Because we have known NetApp FAS systems for many years, we gained deep technical knowhow. So in the end, flexibility and ease of management made NetApp our first choice. Its solutions enable us to provide high-quality services for our customers and respond to their needs quickly.”

Continue with NetApp clustered Data ONTAP
KoçSistem has been using NetApp clustered Data ONTAP for some time. The experiences were very good, and there was no doubt about implementing the NetApp operating system at the Istanbul One site. “NetApp clustered Data ONTAP brings non-disruptive services to our customers. This is the best thing to happen for a service provider,” says Özdilek. “The software improves data security and management by extending non-disruptive operations.
And it gives us the opportunity to repair our infrastructure in a safe way by eliminating service interruptions independently from user data and applications.”

Clustered Data ONTAP goes way beyond the performance, accessibility, and efficiency of a classical storage system. It enables IT to develop the storage infrastructure in line with business and application requests and without interruption. It provides dynamic load balancing with almost 100% (99,999%) reliability and nondisruptive data migrations. And it is highly flexible by gathering many platforms under one umbrella. A single architecture can support 69PB of storage, 24 controller nodes, 49,000 LUNs, and 12,000 NAS volumes for over 100,000 clients and single containers of up to 20PB.

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Business Benefits+-

Growth by innovation
In the Turkish IT industry, KoçSistem has been known for constant growth and a leading market position for many decades. Innovation has always been a major driver of its success. No wonder that KoçSistem could celebrate its 70th anniversary in 2015. By teaming again with NetApp at Istanbul One, KoçSistem is able to build on innovation and reach new levels of flexibility, productivity, and service capability through softwaredefined storage (SDS).

NetApp delivers SDS with clustered Data ONTAP software, highly comprehensive application integration, and programmable APIs for seamless workflow automation. At NetApp, SDS capabilities are no separate management layer, but woven into the products to free physical storage limitations similar to server virtualization. This way, SDS is a vital component of the emerging software-defined data center model.

“Clustered Data ONTAP is the first storage and data management solution that makes SDS become real,” says Özdilek. “It enables us to provide multiuser and policy-based storage services in line with our and our customers’ needs. We have an infrastructure in place that can grow quickly along with the demands of our customers and help us keep the costs low. If capacity will increase in the future, I am sure we’ll manage it with the workforce power of today.”

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Cloud services

The Challenge
Find the right storage solution for the KoçSistem data center Istanbul One.

The Solution
Select NetApp® software and systems and leverage softwaredefined storage with NetApp clustered Data ONTAP®


  • Manage data growth easily
  • Leverage existing technical know-how
  • Develop the infrastructure in line with business and application requirements
  • Improve quality of services through high flexibility and simple management
  • Respond more quickly to a variety of customer needs
  • Build on innovation and reach a new level of flexibility

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