• NetApp All Flash FAS8080 Systems
  • NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1

Customer Profile+-


LeaseWeb, one of the world’s largest hosting brands, offers a wide variety of cloud hosting solutions, bare metal servers, CDN services, and more. LeaseWeb’s services are tailored to ad serving, e-Commerce, gaming, Big Data, Software-as-a-Service, and enterprises. The company takes a unique approach when it comes to customer excellence. People, Processes, and Dedication to Customer Focus are key. The customer is at the heart of LeaseWeb’s operations. Robert van der Meulen, Manager Cloud at LeaseWeb: “LeaseWeb can offer a level of service that often only large enterprises can afford to deploy. This will benefit LeaseWeb’s customers and channel partners, who increasingly place their missioncritical workloads in the cloud.”

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The Challenge+-

In addition to the existing services they already offered, and as part of their public cloud strategy, they were looking to accelerate infrastructure delivery to enable customers to move to the cloud with confidence. A lot of LeaseWeb’s customers are high-end businesses running high-performance, mission-critical workloads with stringent requirements. In order to meet their needs, LeaseWeb was looking for an enterprise-class solution offering low latency, reliability, constant throughput, zero downtime, and minimal administrative overhead. Rather than having datacenter staff look after the backlog in the infrastructure, working on pure administrator tasks, LeaseWeb wanted them to be available to work on innovation. In an effort to maximize customer excellence and satisfaction, they wanted to increase uptime and accelerate their services delivery so data would be serviced at minimum latency, with on-demand capacity.

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The Solution+-

With the help of NetApp, LeaseWeb implemented all-flash FAS8080 systems globally, running on clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1. The advantages of using solid-state disks and stepping away from traditional hard disk drives include a cloud application performance of up to 4 million IOPS at <1 ms latency and a sustained throughput of 100 GB/s. In addition to the performance efficiency and submillisecond latency offered by NetApp All Flash FAS (AFF) systems, LeaseWeb benefits from a wide range of included software applications for data protection, data management, performance monitoring, backup, replication, and availability. The built-in, always-on compression and deduplication features in All Flash FAS systems allow LeaseWeb to reduce their storage capacity needs by 5-10×. Also, LeaseWeb has been able to save on energy costs because of the energy-efficiency offered by solid-state disks.

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Business Benefits+-

Servers now work at higher efficiency, allowing CPUs to work to their full potential. Plus, the All Flash FAS systems combined with cDOT offer security, data protection, scalability, and ease of use. Storage upgrades can now be performed without downtime, and data can be moved between nodes without disruption.

Giancarlo Scaramelli, Chief Customer Officer at LeaseWeb, mentioned: “Solid-state offers a flat line in terms of latency, with guaranteed performance. Performance has become more important than storage only, and with our current public cloud offering built on NetApp we can take the extra step that we need to satisfy the customer’s needs. There’s some magic in LeaseWeb that makes things happen. The continuous operation + stability + great performance that our current infrastructure offers is a winning combination.”

Robert van der Meulen added:
“Processes around data are certified to satisfy customers about data residency in the public cloud. We simply want customers to have a smooth experience with cloud. The return on investment for our current systems is huge.”

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Hosting Providers

The Challenge
Putting the customer first, trusting on self-managed systems, freeing up resources to work on innovation.

The Solution

  • NetApp All Flash FAS8080 Systems
  • NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.1
The Benefits
  • Resources are freed up to work on innovation rather than on datacenter administration.
  • With flash, hosted applications are more responsive and more reliable.
  • Maintenance can be performed without disruption.
  • Storage bottlenecks are eliminated and performance is consistently high.
  • Scalability offers the option to scale-to-demand

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