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Customer Profile+-


LogMeIn (www.logmein.com) is a public company (NASDAQ: LOGM) that provides software as a service-based remote connectivity, collaboration, and support solutions to businesses and consumers. The company’s cloud services free millions of people to work from anywhere, empower IT professionals to securely embrace the modern cloud-centric workplace, give companies new ways to reach and support today’s connected customer, and help businesses bring the next generation of connected products to market. LogMeIn’s award-winning services connect more than 250 million devices.

Founded in 2003 in Budapest, Hungary, and headquartered today in Boston (Massachusetts, USA), LogMeIn has offices in Australia, Hungary, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, and the UK. Its software development forces are located in Budapest and Szeged, Hungary. In 2012, LogMeIn reported revenues of US$138 million.

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The Challenge+-

Shared storage for demanding operations
Users worldwide rely on LogMeIn solutions for remote control, file sharing, systems management, data backup, business collaboration, and on-demand customer support of PCs, servers, Macintosh® computers, smartphones, and other connected devices. The company is growing in revenues and size, and the pressure on its developers is high. They constantly need to stay up to date with myriads of personal devices, platforms, and OS versions.

Gábor Palatinus, IT manager for LogMeIn’s European infrastructure, heads a team of six to run internal IT operations on high levels of reliability and performance. He was looking for a new data center stack as the new home for some critical services, including intranet and internal knowledge base, source code management, and guest servers.

The plan was to operate more than 20 VMware virtual machines and a cluster of three HP ProLiant hosts with a shared storage resource. However, Palatinus looked for more than pure disk storage. He needed a technology that would help him serve his users better, spend as little time as possible on storage administration, keep operational costs low, and scale on demand.

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The Solution+-

“Hands-on” demo of NetApp storage
Palatinus turned to Duna Elektronika, for more than 20 years a major driving force in Hungary’s IT market, serving both multinational and small to midsize businesses. Duna Elektronika provided LogMeIn with a free demo environment to make “hands-on” experiences over a month’s time. The storage performed well and demonstrated perfectly the look and feel of NetApp technology, including great efficiency results. Storage efficiency is one of NetApp’s unique technology characteristics. Just by applying the deduplication feature, the team saw immediately more than 40% of freed capacity on the demo system.

Palatinus finally chose a dual-controller FAS2220 system equipped with NFS protocol, 18TB on SAS disks, and NetApp complete bundle.

Flawless into production
Implementation was flawless. A NetApp system engineer was on site to set up the system and run all tests. “After one and a half days we were ready to start. From the first day on, everything worked as it should, without any hiccups,” says Palatinus.

After the volumes and shares are set on the storage, everything is done. All tasks such as adding virtual machines are done in VMware vCenter™, which prompts storage activities transparently. It is convenient and time saving to monitor storage parameters, including capacity, deduplication, volumes, and so on, right away in a VMware vCenter tab.

Though this was a one-off project, the relationship between LogMeIn Hungary and Duna Elektronika developed very well. Both are still in close contact, with the system integrator providing valuable advice and consultancy for various IT topics

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Business Benefits+-

Best value for money
Tight integration of NetApp storage and VMware vCenter simplifies and reduces administrative efforts. “Set and forget is a true compliment for the storage. There is simply nothing time-consuming to do, which helps us concentrate on other tasks,” says Palatinus. He and his team are always under pressure to serve more than 300 staff across Europe. The majority is working on product implementation and future technology research such as the Internet of Things. The resource pool for test and production is impressive, with about 1,500 workstations, 300 virtual operating systems, and 300 mobile devices.

The new service platform was well received. There were no user complaints, and no news is always good news, comments Palatinus. Though guest servers and spam filters challenge the storage heavily, it also handles I/O peaks easily and runs smoothly. This is an important benefit because the intranet is a companywide service and needs to be available 24/7 for LogMeIn employees around the world.

LogMeIn applies NetApp storage efficiency, including compression and deduplication. “The impact is incredible,” says Palatinus. “Deduplication saves us up to 51% of capacity. Thus, we can utilize more storage and spend less money.” The storage is sized for growth, with still 60% of free space. But this will change as more services will move on the system. Its integrated data protection will then come into play as well. Palatinus wants to use NetApp Snapshot™ technology to facilitate and accelerate software updates. In case of a failure, he will be able to reset a system to a healthy state within a few seconds.

Storage efficiency pays off
Palatinus and his team are always challenged to provide maximum service. They want to help users stay cutting edge in a fast-changing mobile world. The requirements for space and performance keep growing; however, the storage can keep pace and can scale as needed in many directions: size, functions, and performance. Due to the modular architecture, LogMeIn Hungary can protect its investment in NetApp and build future systems as needed.

“Today, NetApp provides the best value for money due to its efficiency,” says Palatinus and adds, “When the next storage decision comes up, NetApp will definitely be on our agenda.”

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Software as a service

The Challenge
Provide a reliable and fast storage solution to serve the internal IT needs of a growing company.

The Solution
Deploy NetApp® FAS storage for more than 20 virtual machines and a physical server cluster running under VMware®.


  • Set to meet an annual data growth rate of 20%
  • Achieved performance needs easily
  • Reduced administration with tight integration of NetApp and VMware products
  • Enjoyed up to 51% of freed storage capacity with deduplication

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