• NetApp FAS8040 systems
  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3
  • NetApp APIs and proprietary tools

Customer Profile+-

Schuberg Philis

Schuberg Philis is an innovative private company and leader in the field of mission-critical outsourcing services, with a unique promise: 100% functional uptime for missioncritical applications and services. Schuberg Philis has a NetApp Partner status: Service Provider Gold.
Schuberg Philis focuses on the functional availability, software integration and development of mission-critical applications, taking full responsibility for the end result and offering customers 100% functional availability, cost predictability and flexibility, and control. As part of the Giarte Outsourcing Performance 2014, Schuberg Philis received the highest customer satisfaction score for the ninth consecutive year.

Schuberg Philis, an entirely Dutch service provider, has many enterprise blue-chip customers, including financial institutions and banks, asset management firms, retail companies, and government. These customers have extremely mission-critical workloads, e.g. online banks & shops, energy trading and risk management systems, or real-time asset management systems. Downtime is not an option, given the -financial- impact an outage would have on their customer’s revenue, or even society. Examples include port authorities, financial institutions and other enterprises that play a highly visible role in society. For that reason, Schuberg Philis not only plays a mission-critical role, but even a ‘society-critical’ one.

Traditionally, Schuberg Philis has always taken a customer-specific, application-oriented approach, and used to run customer-specific zones with dedicated resources to cater for a customer’s needs. Schuberg Philis takes full ownership of customers’ end results, and offers them a 100% uptime guarantee as well as peace of mind, so customers can rest assured their workloads will run smoothly and data is always available, without disruption

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The Challenge+-

In 2012, Schuberg Philis re-evaluated their storage infrastructure to keep up with technology and budget requirements. The company wanted to be able to offer more dynamic cloud options to a wider range of customers and generate new opportunities. Customers should still have dedicated and/or isolated resources, but as part of a shared infrastructure, in order to support a massive performance increase and on-demand storage capacity at much lower operational costs. This would also eliminate upfront investments by customers.

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The Solution+-

Schuberg Philis implemented a unified cloud-enabled approach, eliminating the need for dedicated zones or private infrastructures. Schuberg Philis’s outsourced service offerings include primary storage as well as tertiary storage. Primary storage is used for data stores for the mission-critical cloud hypervisors, tertiary storage is mostly used for deploying iSCSI LUNs from a shared or dedicated missioncritical cloud storage platform to host customers’ databases.

For these purposes, the company chose NetApp as their preferred vendor. Storage services run from NetApp FAS8040 systems running clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.2, using Flash Pool accelerated SAS-based 1.2 TB shelves. Through NetApp APIs and proprietary scripts and custommade tools, Schuberg Philis can tailor and automate all of a customer’s requirements. Anton Opgenoort, Mission-Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis mentioned: “Both Schuberg Philis and NetApp take quality very serious, and their joint focus on perfection makes a great match”.

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Business Benefits+-

Anton added: “We can offer our customers peace of mind through a reliable, flexible and highly scalable environment built on NetApp, which offers optimal performance and nondisruptive operations.” The new setup enables Schuberg Philis to rollout short-cycled, periodic releases, without any disruption.

Schuberg Philis offer their clients very granular insight into data placement based on a certain IO pattern, a performance guarantee, and nondisruptive operations – this process is completely audited and certified. By now, virtually all of Schuberg Philis’s customers run their operations in Schuberg Philis’s cloud environment, either through a customer-specific zone orchestrated by Schuberg Philis personnel, or based on cloud building blocks. Through a hybrid model, the customer can consume certain services in Schuberg Philis’s shared cloud, while still placing data on proprietary storage in order to comply with audit regulations.

Through the provisioning of complete customers’ application environments, including software releases, dev/test, and stability maintenance, Schuberg Philis achieves an incredible change rate and accelerates customers’ business operations following a modular, application-oriented approach. This approach also allows customers of Schuberg Philis to go for a ‘multi-cloud’ approach. By combining different cloud resources from different vendors and cloud providers, an optimal mix between mission critical data placement and generic purpose short-lived data stores in different clouds is realized.

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Service Providers

The Challenge
Fulfill specialist customer needs through a unified infrastructure

The Solution
NetApp FAS8040 systems running on clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.2, using Flash Pool accelerated SAS-based 1.2 TB shelves

The Benefits

  • Higher performance
  • Lower operational costs
  • Power of API integration
  • Unified approach

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