• NetApp AFF8080-systemen
  • NetApp MetroCluster
  • NetApp SnapProtect
  • NetApp SnapManager
  • NetApp SnapVault

Customer Profile+-


Headquartered in Belgium, Sentia is a leader in enterprise managed hosting and application continuity for critical applications, e-commerce, high traffic websites and SAAS applications. Sentia is fully responsible for the infrastructure of their customers which guarantees the availability of data and applications, based on a “We worry, so you don’t have to” philosophy. This way, Sentia’s customers can focus on their business.

Sentia is working in a market that is defined by growing technological complexity. “Customers don’t see the wood for the trees”, says Stijn Claerhout, CTO at Sentia. “That’s why they seek advice with us. We offer a solution that is tailored to meet the needs of the customer.”

Sentia offers various high-value managed services and offers a unique application continuity service. Firstly, there is Zero Data Loss as a Service for business-critical applications for use in organizations that need access to secure and performant applications around the clock, such as financial institutions, insurance, retail and other large enterprises. Secondly, there is SSD as a Service for organizations that rely on high performance with consistent low latency. Thirdly, there are OpenStack-based solutions, offering customers a way to run a private cloud with the possibilities of the public cloud.

Behind the scenes, Sentia takes away any worries about infrastructure. “We have our own Research & Development team, exploring the opportunities of new technology. We prefer using building blocks based on proven technology, offering stability and functionality at the right price.”

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The Challenge+-

To stay on top of trends in the market toward solutions with extremely high availability, high performance, vast scalability, and full data redundancy, and to support future growth, Sentia was looking to upgrade the infrastructure.

Benjamin Jacobs, CEO at Sentia, added: “Whenever a website is offline, the customer is losing business. It’s that simple. That’s why customers in general come to us with the same prerequisites: availability, scalability, flexibility, reliability, stability, and performance. As our slogan mentions; We are “driven by continuity”

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The Solution+-

Sentia looked to NetApp as their longterm preferred vendor. NetApp MetroCluster running on clustered Data ONTAP was implemented for Sentia’s Zero Data Loss as a Service offering. Stijn Claerhout, CTO at Sentia, mentioned: “MetroCluster offers the ultimate level of data protection. Through our Zero Data Loss Service, however, we lower the threshold for MetroCluster and bring our solution within reach of every company.” Claerhout continues: “Thanks to MetroCluster, it is impossible to lose any data. All data is always stored at two physically separated sites. That’s how we guarantee business continuity to our customers – data and applications are always available.”

Sentia implemented high-performance NetApp All Flash FAS 8080 systems for their SSD as a Service offering. This enables Sentia customers to use high IOPS for certain workloads against small cost.

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Business Benefits+-

With the new infrastructure, which is multiprotocol and unified, Sentia has full flexibility and is able to move customers between dedicated and shared environments and between performance tiers. In addition, Sentia was able to reduce the number of certified staff required.

Sentia’s new environment is very resilient, offering a realistic 99,99% SLA uptime. The Non-Disruptive Operations capabilities offered as part of NetApp clustered Data ONTAP allow Sentia to perform maintenance work without disrupting storage I/O. The end-user will not be impacted. Non-Disruptive Operations brings built-in backup and replication as well as local failover.

Claerhout said: “Using the clustered Data ONTAP operating system, we can dynamically move data around, meeting the demands coming from specific workloads throughout the storage tiers.”

Lastly, Sentia is now able to offer OpenStack solutions built on NetApp. As Claerhout said: “Customers seem very reluctant to make the move to the public cloud. What they really want is a private cloud that offers all the possibilities of the public cloud.” OpenStack is the link between both worlds.

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Managed service provider and managed application continuity provider

The Challenge
Keeping up with recent technology developments to continue to meet strict customer requirements and support future growth

The Solution

  • Zero Data Loss as a Service built on NetApp MetroCluster
  • SSD as a Service built on NetApp AFF8080
  • OpenStack built on NetApp
The Benefits
  • A high-performance environment that is scalable, flexible, reliable and stable
  • Full use of NetApp SnapProtect, SnapMirror and SnapVault technologies
  • Ability to move customer data dynamically between performance tiers and dedicated/ shared environments
  • Non-disruptive operations and maintenance
  • A single multiprotocol environment
  • Fewer certified staff required

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