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Customer Profile+-


Solvinity, a relatively new name but the companies behind the name have a long standing track record. At the beginning of 2014, ASP4all and Bitbrains decided to join forces. Creating availability, providing security and managing complex IT-infrastructure (ASP4all) combined with offering ‘pay as you go’-solutions and high-performance computing (Bitbrains) led to a company with a rock solid reputation in high-end managed hosting and specialization in modern cloud solutions. Solvinity (with their HQ in Huizen) belongs to the top segment of independent cloud service providers in the Netherlands and is also one of the largest with 180 employees.

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The Challenge+-

These days companies and organisations don’t have to build and manage their own IT-infrastructure anymore. IT became a service with cloud technology. Developments in a dynamic market asked for a fast, fl exible and reliable source of IT. Something you shouldn’t try to manage yourself, but should be left in the hands of external experts. Using IT is more important than owning IT.

It sounds appealing, and it is, provided the critical parts of your converged infrastructure is fully ensured. Information is crucial; the most valuable possession of every company and organisation. Company data defi nes your identity and distinctive features. This leads to the question: how do you ensure that your data is stored solid with maximum security and availability without leaving the cloud environment with all its perks. Precisely that challenge is what brought Solvinity and NetApp together in this innovative venture. Collectively they searched for and found an answer.

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The Solution+-

Solvinity and NetApp have been working together since 2009. “NetApp is our central storage platform of choice”, says Jeroen van der Meer, Chief Technology Offi cer at Solvinity decisively. “Our past collaborations were great which encouraged us to start looking to the future together.” Because the cloud is here to stay. Big cloud service providers or hyperscalers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services have a fi rm grip on the market and their capability in delivering IT capacity is so enormous and at such low costs it would be unwise to pass up benefi ting from these services.

“Solvinity also recognizes this. If companies are looking for effi cient, scalable IT-solutions hyperscale services are interesting options. However, it’s really about what the specifi c needs are. For generic, stateless IT-components, like network services and applications (compute) by all means use Microsoft or Amazon, but for proprietary, stateful data we advise against it.”

This is how the cloud gets divided into the public and the private cloud. NetApp has proven Solvinity can provide access from their own NetApp storage infrastructure to public cloud providers. The NetApp Private Storage for Cloud-solution enables a connection with Microsoft Azure through Azure ExpressRoute. “ExpressRoute connectivity provides higher speed than a regular Internet connection. The distance between the Solvinity and Microsoft Azure data center is relatively small, both are located in the Netherlands which is an additional advantage”, says Van der Meer

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Business Benefits+-

We offer our customers the best of both worlds with a hybrid solution. They keep absolute control over their business-critical data, meanwhile enjoying all the modern storage capabilities NetApp has to offer, from data deduplication and compressing to snapshotting. On top of that, the companies benefit from the scalability, the ever expanding service- and computer programs and low costs of the public cloud. Take cloudbursting for example, Van der Meer: “Let’s say companies experience seasonal or peak workloads, they can easily scale up with Microsoft Azure. The same goes for developing and testing stages where they need additional, but temporary computing power.”

In Solvinity and NetApp’s hybrid cloud, fall-back possibilities can be integrated. Nowadays the IT-infrastructure keeps live data copies in separate data centers, perfect for companies where data loss can be disastrous. When an incident happens at one of the facilities the other data copy keeps the business going (disaster recovery). “This back-up capacity is easily managed in the public cloud. The compute resources will only be used if there is an outage, which is cost saving.”

Another argument in favor of the hybrid solution is one from a legal point of view. Companies who value data privacy are better off storing their data at a Dutch data center like Solvinity than at the public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. “European legislation is a lot stricter than the U.S. legislation when it comes to protecting personal data, which is not without benefit”.

NetApp and Solvinity have proven there is an alternative for companies who want to use the cloud with a sensible and adapted approach. Solvinity still sees areas of improvement for the future in data monitoring and security (data traffic management). “How do you prevent data from leaking in the hybrid cloud and how do you notice when it does?”

It will only be a matter of time Solvinity can offer services from other hyperscalers than Microsoft Azure, which will allow customers to choose between providers to exactly suit their needs and goals. The data will stay safely stored in the private cloud and will be connected with the public cloud at will. NetApp calls this the Data Fabric, which allows data to be ‘free’ and gives the customer full control.

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The challenge
Allowing customers to profi t from the benefi ts of the cloud with maximum protection and availability of their data.

The solution
NetApp and Solvinity combine the best of the private and public cloud in a hybrid solution.


  • Absolute control over data on private NetApp storage
  • The possibility to meet the demand in capacity during seasonal workloads and periods of testing and development by scaling up in the public cloud
  • Effi ciency in disaster recovery
  • Protection of personal data under European legislation

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