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Proact Czech Republic, s.r.o.

Customer Profile+-

Teva Czech Industries

Teva Czech Industries Ltd. (www. tevapharm.cz, formerly IVAX) is a major pharmaceutical manufacturer with a history dating back to 1883. The company is located in the northeast of the Czech Republic in Opava, Komarov, and has more than 1,350 employees. Its broad portfolio includes generic remedies such as antiasthmatics, cytostatics, immunosuppressants, cholesterollowering agents, and antihypertensives; over-the-counter drugs; active pharmaceutical ingredients; and herbal extracts. The products meet recognized quality standards. Almost 90% of production is exported to many countries around the world, with a focus on the United States, Canada, and Eastern Europe.

In 2006, the company became part of the multinational Teva Group, with headquarters in Israel and more than 43,000 employees. On a global scale, Teva is the largest generic drug manufacturer and one of the 10 largest pharmaceutical companies.

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The Challenge+-

Prepare for business growth
Teva Czech Industries faced massive growth over the last couple of years. As a result, Opava became the third lar gest plant for Teva Europe. An annual output of 6 billion pills, 71 million capsules, and 116 million cytostatics shows its capacities. The Opava plant is fully IT controlled and connects to Teva’s extensive private cloud built on a network of IT hubs.

Many applications are mission-critical; however, the company’s global Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the most critical. The Oracle-based application is partially hosted in Opava and manages more than 20 product lines there. If the MES stops, the plant stops. This would be a nightmare for the company, states Martin Košec, infrastructure manager at Teva Czech Industries:

“An MES downtime would be a real disaster, because it would impact our whole cosmos of production, logistics, deliveries, and associated processes. Our manufacturing facilities run almost around the clock. This makes it hard, if not impossible, to catch up for lost time and output. Thus, the IT organization has to ensure business continuity and implement solutions that enable 24/7 uptime. And this is why we rely on NetApp for our data infrastructure.”

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The Solution+-

Data infrastructure built on NetApp
Teva Czech Industries first deployed NetApp solutions in 2011. Košec and his team wanted to increase performance and availability and were looking for a clustered storage solution. A second data center was already in place to set the stage for disaster recovery.

To achieve business continuity and avoid any single point of failure, Košec operates a stretched and switched fabric scenario across two sites with an active-active cluster configuration. All data connections are redundant. Data is mirrored synchronously between the systems so that each system can run all data services in the fabric by itself, from system maintenance to during a disaster.

“The NetApp MetroCluster solution suited our needs best, and it proved its value very well,” says Košec. “We can gather SAN and NAS applications on the same platform and deliver the same high-level uptime for all of them. It is easy to support virtual servers. The management of the storage is simple and its reliability is outstanding.”

Still, new challenges came up. A growing amount of data and over a hundred virtual servers constantly increased the workload. An upgrade of the environment became inevitable.

Select NetApp again
Teva Czech Industries joined forces with NetApp Star partner Proact and kicked off a storage renewal project. Proact is the customer’s trusted advisor, and took on architecture development, implementation, testing, handover, and support. The IT specialist recommended a controller swap and an upgrade to NetApp FAS8040 controllers while keeping the proven MetroCluster setup unchanged. Several SAS disk shelves were added to increase performance and prepare for future data growth. Gross capacity is now at 136 terabytes.

To protect file data and virtual servers, the team uses NetApp Snapshot® technology and benefits from fast restores directly from the storage. NetApp data protection is part of a disk-to-disk backup scenario enhanced by tape to meet Good Manufacturing Practice and other compliance regulations.

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Business Benefits+-

Maximum reliability through technology and services
Technical excellence is one thing; service excellence is another. Teva Czech Industries benefits from robust and proven NetApp systems and software as well as from NetApp services. The customer relies on NetApp SupportEdge Premium with strict service-level agreements. If a disaster occurs, system engineers from Proact will quickly support Košec and his team on site.

Furthermore, the NetApp AutoSupport® system constantly monitors system health. The service tool surveys system parameters and immediately alerts administrators about critical events. If a disk drive fails, a spare part is sent to the customer at once—the part often arrives before the failure is discovered.

“Though immortality may sound a bit strange in an IT context, NetApp MetroCluster actually delivers just that,” says Košec. “Comprehensive system monitoring and support services add to our experience of all-round reliability.”

Ready for additional growth and product lines
Today, Teva Czech Industries is well equipped for fast data growth and new challenges. Teva Group is still reallocating product lines from other countries to Opava. The Czech subsidiary will need to cater to even more products and manufacturing processes soon. Another challenge is pharmaceutical serialization compliance. To fight illegal drug production and sale, each pill must be marked with an identity code to prove legal origin and maintain copyrights. This requirement drives documentation efforts and adds to data growth.

“I am very happy that we chose NetApp as our storage standard. Since 2011 we have enjoyed absolutely stable data services for an almost 24/7 manufacturing environment,” says Košec. “We are well prepared for the next wave of product lines coming to Opava.”

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The Challenge
Bring a trusted data infrastructure to the next level and prepare for business growth.

The Solution
Select another NetApp® MetroCluster™ solution for business continuity and future growth.


  • Simplified data management
  • Protected investments by reusing disk shelves
  • Is meeting expected data and business growth
  • Achieved fast and reliable online data protection
  • Experienced stable data operation over several years
  • Realized business continuity for 24/7 production environment
  • Gained additional security through Premium Support services
  • Complies easily with Good Manufacturing Practice and other standards

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