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Unistar LC d.o.o.

Customer Profile+-

Unistar LC d.o.o.

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Ljubljana, Unistar LC d.o.o. (www. unistarpro.si) is one of the leading ICT providers in Slovenia. The company offers systems integration, fully managed IT services, and cloud computing solutions to businesses across the country and beyond. Unistar LC is highly experienced in IT technologies and partners with all key software and hardware vendors. More than 70 experts help customers solve their IT and business challenges.

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The Challenge+-

Facilitate customer access to the cloud
Unistar LC continuously adapts its business to meet customer demand, leverage industry trends, and broaden its market footprint. Since its move to a solution-centric business, Unistar LC has come up with more than 10 brands, including Unistar PRO.cloud for hosted and managed IT services. However, to ramp up this offering, the provider needed a scalable, cost-efficient, and reliable platform. Though Unistar LC has been a NetApp partner for more than a decade, it was not certain that the company would choose NetApp solutions.

“We evaluated the market and saw that NetApp is also a big name in the cloud space,” says David Bevc, head of cloud solutions at Unistar LC. ”State-of-the-art technologies would help us define competitive service models. It looked like we would get the best value for the money and benefit from a quick return on investment while being fully compliant with Slovenia’s strict data protection regulation.”

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The Solution+-

Deploy NetApp for a hybrid cloud “made in Slovenia”
Slovenia does not allow personal data to leave the European Union or even the country in some cases. This prevents connecting to an Amazon or a Microsoft cloud from being an option. Therefore, Unistar LC established PRO.cloud service across two data centers in Slovenia and uses NetApp FAS8000 series systems to host and manage its cloud services. A mix of storage media enables tiered service levels, while NetApp software caters to various service options.

“NetApp systems are very reliable and flexible,” says Bevc. “We can act quickly and scale whatever is needed. We can also reduce costs with a secure shared storage model and great efficiency features.” This capability encompasses secure multitenancy, deduplication, replication, flash at the price of disk, compression, and more—all enabled by the NetApp clustered Data ONTAP® operating system.

Unistar LC manages and monitors all systems with NetApp OnCommand® tools. “We always know what is happening on the storage—whether it’s capacity or performance. Additionally, NetApp quality of service is essential to run many customers on the same platform and provide each with the right service-quality level,” adds Bevc.

Create SAP HANA as a service on NetApp
When customers grew their SAP service scope and standardized IT operations on the SAP HANA platform, Unistar LC didn’t hesitate to choose NetApp for the new SAP HANA PRO.cloud offering.

“NetApp solutions are SAP HANA certified; therefore, we could leverage their capabilities for our unique SAP HANA service,” says Bevc. NetApp is an SAP Global Partner and has been a trusted supplier to SAP AG since 2000. Mutual customers enjoy the deep integration of NetApp data management with SAP applications. For example, the backup of SAP HANA with NetApp Snapshot® technology on average takes only seconds to complete.

“The simplicity of NetApp definitely accelerated our time to production,” says Bevc. “We jump-started the full stack within just three weeks. With NetApp Snap Creator software and Snapshot copies, the SAP backup is easy and fast and does not affect the production environment. In case of a disaster, we can provide SAP access within 60 minutes from our secondary site. This type of redundancy is a good argument for customers,” Bevc adds.

To be prepared for growth, Unistar LC chose the TDI model for SAP HANA and selected components from Cisco, Lenovo, NetApp, and SUSE.

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Business Benefits+-

Deliver what customers need
“Today we can provide customers not only with the usual single application on SAP HANA, but with many SAP applications and even business analytics as a service,” says Bevc. “This is highly attractive to customers who want to avoid the high complexity and costs of an on-premises platform for such applications.”

For Energija plus, a Slovenian energy broker with a staff of 70, Unistar PRO.cloud was a very tempting solution. “Our company started as an outsourced sales department and needed all IT services from scratch,” explains Helena Brandner, executive director at Energija plus. “The cloud was the quickest way to an IT infrastructure and ERP system. Unistar LC offered both at a fixed price. We were up and running as agreed and after all parameters were set, everything works perfectly. I am very happy that we can concentrate on our business, which is energy brokering and not IT.”

Gain a competitive edge and grow revenue
Unistar LC provides customers from industry and commerce to government with high-quality services. NetApp solutions help them build attractive offerings based on various IT consumption models. Reduced storage costs contribute to both attractive prices for customers and increased revenue.

“Twenty-four/seven reliability is essential for any kind of cloud service, and NetApp solutions exceeded our expectations. Even storage maintenance and software upgrades on our side won’t interrupt our customers’ businesses. NetApp really helps us to fulfill service level agreements and save money. An outage of the SAP service, for example, would cost us €40,000 per day in lost revenues and penalties. And this is without the damage to our reputation as a trusted supplier,” concludes Bevc.

Leverage the Data Fabric for business expansion
NetApp clustered Data ONTAP paves the way to the Data Fabric enabled by NetApp. Clustered Data ONTAP enables end customers and service providers alike to manage data seamlessly from disk to flash to the cloud.

“With NetApp, data is always where you need it, and you can move it around media, nodes, and sites with a few mouse clicks. I think this is a great concept. We use it today in a two-data-center scenario. However, the solution enables us to expand our business literally to anywhere on the globe—with full control over data, ease of management, and nonstop operations,” comments Bevc on the outlook for Unistar LC’s business.

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ICT solutions and services

The Challenge
Facilitate cloud access for customers and innovate with new cloud services.

The Solution
Deploy NetApp® solutions to enable infrastructure as a service and platform as a service.


  • Built a hybrid cloud “made in Slovenia” based on trusted brands and legal compliance
  • Established SAP HANA as a service for many SAP business applications
  • Reduced storage costs
  • Can offer customers a variety of IT models and service offerings
  • Can meet service-level agreements and avoid outage costs of €40,000 per day
  • Simplified multisite data management with the Data Fabric enabled by NetApp
  • Is always ready for business expansion

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